Taxpayers Win, Progressive Tax Fails at the Ballot Box

Voters Save Small Employers and Their Employees from Another Springfield Tax Hike

With unprecedented voter turnout throughout the State of Illinois, the Vote No on the Progressive Tax Coalition, which represents 500,000 employers and millions of employees, thanked voters tonight for preserving jobs and defeating the Springfield politicians’ tax increase.
In an unprecedented coalition effort starting in July, the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, Illinois Farm Bureau, National Federation of Independent Business – Illinois, and Technology and Manufacturing Association joined together to urge Illinois voters to vote no on the Progressive Tax Constitutional Amendment. In the ensuing months, the coalition grew to 47 pro-business and pro-taxpayer organizations who shared the real-life consequences of the progressive tax through personal stories of small employers that touched the hearts of voters throughout Illinois.
Technology and Manufacturing Association President Steve Rauschenberger noted, “Voters knew better than to accept another tax increase from Springfield. We’ve heard enough of their spin over the years to know that their answer is always to raise taxes. During this campaign, voters learned how the progressive tax would have cost our state jobs, slowed wage growth, and hurt Illinois workers right when we are facing a pandemic that is wreaking havoc on our economy. Illinoisans want their local small businesses to grow and recover, not be hit with more taxes that cost more jobs in their community. It’s clear that enough was enough when it came to Springfield’s obsession with taxes.”
Illinois Chamber of Commerce President Todd Maisch said, “It is clear that the majority of the electorate doesn’t trust their state government with their precious tax dollars. Illinois politicians arrogantly demanded a blank check from Illinois taxpayers and the voters rejected their plans. The results show what we have been saying all along, that now is the worst time to raise taxes on Illinois small businesses and families.”