Springfield politicians are once again attempting to raise our taxes. They want us to approve an amendment this November that would give them permanent authority to raise income tax rates and change tax brackets whenever they want more of our hard-earned money to fuel their spending addiction.

Enough is enough.

We must stop the progressive tax because
Illinoisans can’t afford another tax hike.

The Vote No on the Progressive Tax coalition is leading grassroots mobilization throughout the State of Illinois as we work together to stop the progressive tax. We are a coalition of thousands of small business owners, farmers, community leaders, and everyday Illinoisans. By joining the coalition with your donation, you will get every tool you need to help spread the word about the dangers of the progressive tax to individual taxpayers and small businesses in your community and throughout the state.

This November will be the most consequential election for Illinois taxpayers ever, and because of that our organization will provide you with everything you need to campaign as effectively as possible. This includes persuasive messaging, yard signs, literature, presentations, expert speakers, compelling and persuasive vote no stories, and even co-hosting in-person and virtual events. Simply let us know what you need to be successful and we’ll provide it.

With Pritzker and his liberal allies pledging over $100 million to trick voters into supporting yet another tax increase, we need your support to defeat the progressive tax. 

Join our coalition by filling out the form below.

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Vote No on the Progressive Tax

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