Illinoisans are overtaxed. Families, workers, seniors, and small businesses struggle under the weight of the highest overall tax burden in the entire country.

Illinois homeowners pay the 2nd highest property taxes in the nation. Sales taxes are excessive throughout the state, especially in Chicago which has the highest sales tax rate in America. We pay the 3rd highest gasoline taxes after politicians in Springfield recently doubled the gas tax, and Illinois cell phone users even pay the highest wireless tax rate of any state.

The tax hikes never seem to stop in Illinois. Last session, lawmakers in Springfield imposed 21 different tax and fee hikes on taxpayers while rewarding themselves with a lucrative pay raise. Chicago politicians hiked property taxes, restaurant taxes, parking taxes, and ridesharing fees, all while increasing spending and demanding a bailout from state taxpayers. Now politicians are threatening further property tax increases, a tax on retirement income, and even a tax on childbirth.


Families are unable to afford childcare or their children’s education. 

Seniors on fixed incomes are losing the homes where they raised their kids and grandkids. 

Small manufacturers are shutting their doors, putting hard-working Illinoisans in the unemployment line.

Family farms are going under, losing the land they’ve worked for generations.

Yet Chicago and Springfield politicians seem to think they still don’t have enough of our money. The latest tax-and-spend scheme by Illinois politicians is the progressive tax. Politicians want us to approve an amendment this November that would give them permanent authority to raise income tax rates and change tax brackets whenever they want more of our hard-earned money to fuel their spending addiction.

Enough is enough. We must vote no on the progressive tax.
We can’t afford another tax hike.

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The progressive tax does nothing to address the biggest problem in Illinois: our sky-high property taxes.

Illinoisans pay three to four times the property taxes homeowners in Indiana and Wisconsin pay for the same size house, and those taxes seem to go up every year even as our home values are stagnant. The progressive tax simply piles additional taxes onto already overburdened Illinois taxpayers.

The progressive tax will cost jobs, slow wage growth, and hurt Illinois workers when we’re already facing the highest unemployment since the Great Depression due to the Coronavirus.

Our Illinois economy continues to lag the rest of the country because of high taxes. The progressive tax will further hurt our economy, costing Illinois up to 286,000 jobs and $43 billion in economic activity. This means fewer jobs for Illinois workers, slower wage growth and higher costs for families, and less opportunity for our children.

Worst of all, the progressive tax will raise taxes on the middle class and working poor.

Even the politicians admit their proposed progressive tax rates won’t come close to paying down the state’s current debts, let alone fill the COVID-19 budget gap or fund all their proposed new spending. As a result, while they publicly claim the progressive tax will only “tax the rich,” politicians privately admit they will have no choice but to change the tax brackets and rates to raise taxes on the middle class and working poor. This is exactly what has happened in other states that approved a progressive tax, with higher rates starting at incomes as low as $25,000 per year.

Illinoisans cannot afford yet another tax hike. Ignore the spin by politicians whose answer to every problem is to raise our taxes even further. Vote no on the progressive tax amendment this November.